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Before You Go (Prod. URSUS)

by Vida Killz



More info: beforeyougo.today

Dedicated to Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Daniel, Megan, Chris, and all the others who've left.


Before you go
I’ll just say it, yo.
like I know what you’re contemplating
& there’s just some thoughts
I’d like to share
Like, I wish I had met you sooner
And could sit down with you
and sip some tea
stare you right in your eyes
express what you mean to me
like there's
7.5 billion on this big earth
only inching closer to 8
and when I hit rock bottom
I would just focus on your face
chanting om
like if someone
could hear this
and resonate
it would all make sense
& before you go
there’s some things
I've been contemplating
like the law of duality
and how one thing can’t exist
without its opposite
like love and hate
peace and suffering
so before you go
I want to remind you of some-things
like how fucking beautiful you are
even in the midst of that pain
how your experience is completely valid
and how often I pray it would change
this pain, this human suffering
ripping families apart
causing self-hate
while me and my folks
just long to
guide you home
back to that peaceful place
let these words sink into your heart
just act as your anchor
give you reason to stay here
before you go
i hope you know that
i truly simply love you,
for the fact that you exist
and i know maybe no one else
has told you this -
but I would shift mountains
to end your struggles
paint you pictures
so that you could get lost in
until you found your way out
of that darkness that haunts you

so before you go,
hit me up, yo.
let me show you another way,
cuz honestly, I’ve been there too.

& I’ve learned how to dance with it,
dissolve the things inside
that go bump all through the night

so before you go,
let me show you another way.


released June 19, 2018
Lyrics: Vida Killz
Produced By: Ursus/ FKA/ JG


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground themself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With their unique gift of orchestrating words, they articulate this wisdom to their listeners, and shares their emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into their heart.
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