Alchemy EP

by Vida Killz + Elhuana



released December 31, 2012

MC: Vida Killz


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground herself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With her unique gift of orchestrating words, she articulates this wisdom to her listeners, and shares her emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into her heart.
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Track Name: Saluia

hands cut from ligaments
trace destiny in stars
watch my words push bars
up / break me loose
in my mind I'm stuck in darkness
been homeless since last month
but roamin since birth
pure bred for loneliness
mi familia came from
aim to repay
their worth/
no moments as vices
swing with pendulum
break in search
of nirvana
desde mi corazon
straight to your eardrums
technology sans digression
I move mountains
with pen curves
we held divinity
as flight does birds

meditate thru herbs
sage, kava kava, passion flower
valerian root

shooting white flags
out my finger tips
but you don't hear me though
thought I found my hearts home
it was empty road
destined for departure
do I create my world
or break through word?
confidence dwindling
lead me home
i don't accentuate the pretty words
cuz there are none/
follow me code
i the pigment in your iris
lips touch to sun ray
eternal highness
she find comfort in
skin to skin
fuck herself
for remembrance
of how it felt to be close to me
hate to have to
redirect my destiny
cuz you ain't feel it
come come love love
let me erase the depth of we
bitter as my palate is
unapologetic for whatchu done
tidal waves
brace my higher self for
mental trip

meditate thru herbs
sage, kava kava, passion flower
valerian root
Track Name: Inordinatio
no end
no ink in my pen
skin etched in images
I can't comprehend
false hope
seek divinity
empty as I care to be
floating into oblivion
capturing languages
sex within minds eye
dream to conquer
closer I grow
more demons haunt her
like only thoughts Christyna
has are dictated by fallen
insecurities trump longing
space between
positive and negative
two holograms
make this reality
pixel pushing prophets
precision & a drop of chaos
nodding off in midst of conversations
with you
repeatin mantras
in hopes to enlighten truth
let me speak the words you can't trace
spirit exiting body
tap into oblivion
let me show you how
universe began
define voids and meditate on
white noise
cleanse your doubt
we are images we keep close

I I swim in chaos
I I I I live in chaos
I I am your chaos

Oxidize my nucleus
they say I don't say shit
these words are just filler
perhaps I should sell out
speak in lamens terms
and regret poetics
not knowing each line is
memories painted in italics
fiscal cliff
running towards
my heart compelled to feel discreet

I I swim in chaos
I I I I live in chaos
I I am your chaos
Track Name: Amare
up at 5:45 am
tap into minds eye
something like
i'm cosmic
you're just a bomb threat
to an invisible
atomic particle
dismal if that
i sharpen my pencil
with my wit
no hands attached
understanding is first step to clairvoyance
dedicated to my paranoia
like its the only one whose had my back
3030 'til infinity
just a kid from ancient times
cobblestone walking
contradictions loomin
in my third chakra
same concept
no half-steps
I'm full of a lot of things
we can't talk about
mostly angst
and anxiety
rebuilding my linguistics
fighting whatever
blocks me from my path
channeling my ancestors
when I say
success will be death of me
7pm now
writing this
with my eyes closed
concocting potions
sage/ kava kava/ valerian root
it's that sage / kava kava/ valerian root
Track Name: Nubes
cut my tongue out
at my tonsils
cant speak unless
it's art form
your mind
my drawing board
still taunt my dreams
flight or fight it seems
apocalypse ain't coming
just a figment of uhhh
of a smoke screen or somethin'
my purple heart
unwinds in heaps
on your dashboard
carbon copies
of my earthly core


I been searching far and low
I can't find you near
I been hiding in clouds
hoped I'd find you here

swimming on a thin line
to exodus
my ego is nirvana
human third eye
filled with prana
enchanted by my distance
images of listless
where that 1%
does less than rest of us
I fight to
cut my puppet strings
so I sing of peace
reprograming mother boards
soldering connections
cuz when I was younger
burned bridges just to exit
my tongue filled with fire
you taught me patience
lost my guidance
only falling
like this turbulence
caused my ending
panic attacks
10,000 ft elevated

I been searching far and low
I can't find you near
I been hiding in clouds
hoped I'd find you here

baby girl don't fade away
Til I see your pretty face again
who knows how much I'd pay
to save you from the pain your(I'm) in