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Passenger Ft. Poetic Death

from Negative Space by Vida Killz




The results of my community/
Got lost in that mentality/
Been trying to break these shackles ever since though/
I'm waking up to terror in a day dream/
I desire negativity/
You should hate me for my progress/
Or the love I show my enemies/
The Outcast/
So many lessons learned throughout my poetry/
I do this for the love/
And hope in time the world will notice me/
If not though/
I'm doctor octopus/
My mind in comatose/
Become the fallen angel/
Killing gabriel and the Holy Ghost/
I've been there/
And take it personal/
You know my stilo/
I could really give a fuck less/
If it aint about my people/
Or this movement that I speak of/
And she took my heart for granted/
Tried to hate her with a passion/
But see I never got my heart back/
So I'm driving with a 12 Gauge/
Pressed against my temple/
While the devil's in the passenger/
Whispering suicidal/
My only rival's my reflection/
And the ego sets the melody/
It's death before dishonor/
For my sister write the tragedy/
To be or not to be/

Walkin’ down these train tracks
Don't know where I’m going
Singing this song/
Praying someone knows it
Rememberin' being 16
Wakin’ up just to drink
Now I’m 23
Wakin’ up just to dream
Manifest my destiny
‘Cuz these thoughts are me/

All I’ve grown from

Won’t forget where I came
Nunca Cambiaré
& a bunch of reminders that my God keeps throwing my way

Blessed me tons, so I bless her back
Kiss her gently on her forehead

As I turn and walk away
‘Cuz although I love her/

I’m too paranoid to stay
Ain’t ever felt this pure
Outside these pens curves
Chantin’ Absit Omen ‘til I D.I.E
But the truth is, this prose/
the only way you gonna have a part of me/ yeah/ my bad


from Negative Space, released November 14, 2012
Prod: JG


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground themself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With their unique gift of orchestrating words, they articulate this wisdom to their listeners, and shares their emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into their heart.
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