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From the 2011 EP a month project.


If i were to take reign of both hemispheres
I’d cut ties with governments
Cross x’s in their eyes
Hows what you're doing benefiting me
If my taxes pay your wages
Yet i cant get married
And fuck proposition 8
And anyone who backed it
Like me and the wifey
Are really stoppin’ your children from graduating college
Like thats what lives about
It's not the object of love
But the emotion itself
Got gays who fought in wars
Yet could never safely come out
And why the **** do we live in closets
It's 2011
And still suppressed
And who the hell shot that kid at pride last year
Now if i ruled the global
I’d make those sick folks in Uganda
Wear shirts with targets on their hearts
Shoot ‘em with paint balls
For each human being forcefully raped
Killed or harassed for being rainbow loving
Like the physical harm endured is gonna stop their fibers from crawling
Make their love for their partner cease
Wake them up from the truth they’re living
Yoo im sick of all the homophobic rappers,
Acting like we’re tryina convert you
Heterosexual entitlement
Wisdom see,
We hate that which causes us to feel inferior
And ive got nothing but prayers for all the souls
Who crossed our boundaries
Much love to all the young LBGTQ who felt invisible
And made their realities reflect their emotions
No longer walking on earth
But still i’m holding hope that
Those opposed will see the light soon
Cuz in the end we die, and my heart bleeds
From all this abuse
You see i’m reminded daily
1200 plus rights ive had stripped from
My humanity
And Obama who?
If he still ain’t dropped the hand and told the churches to stay
The fuck up out the politics
Where your church is run by folks who marry more than once
And force your kids to do the same
I wanna take you back to when gay was used as happy
Not to say something was stupid
The ignorance enlightens me
Keep standing, y'all just keep standing
Don't let the negative take you down
Keep standing, your love is felt
and love surrounds


from A Year In Words: Volume I, released April 4, 2013
Prod. Senz Beats


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground themself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With their unique gift of orchestrating words, they articulate this wisdom to their listeners, and shares their emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into their heart.
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