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Lucid Dream

from Negative Space by Vida Killz



I had this lucid dream once.
I was standing, staring at a box of oranges
One of those farmers market type of boxes
All the oranges stacked perfectly
With all their imperfections
Such that they wouldn't fall
I just stared at them
Thinking how much sense it all made
How someone put them there
Cuz it was where they wanted them
How we've been put here
Cuz it's where we're wanted
Then I laughed
And woke up with a smirk

Verse 1:
Over a cup of tea
Across the table from
Older me
Where the table stretches as
Far as open land
Pure thoughts connected
To form this experience
We are because they are
Reach out to reality
As it turns to mist
Now reach into your
As it turns to this
One box
With no objects
An open ended letter
To the universe
With my open ended living
Take away these fiber optics
Social digital networks
Then tell me whats your net worth
Who knocks on your door?
Writes you letters?
Does your experience of love end
With no new notifications?
Are your thoughts still has important
With no body to like them?
Share 'em/repost them/validate them
Who would you take pictures for?
Posing just the right way
To give half of the truth
The half of you
You want them to see
And judge you plainly by
Through 5 filters from instagram and edits from photoshop
To hide your acne
That would actually show your humanity
Well, bless this mess
And life's sarcasm
While I praise this rock that emits warmth
With a side of cancer
Sitting here
Sipping my tea
Laughing at the reality of death
Like it ain't comin for me.

Where's that truth,
You read
Disguised in you
Where's that truth
You bleed
Disguised in you

Verse 2:
Thinkin' deeply now
Like I was born in silence
I'm gonna die in silence
So i'll sit here with my silence
Observe your violence
Take heed, and laugh on
We came from the same place
But folks act like these colors matter
Human is form.
We all got one heart
Two lungs, well, sometimes,
One mind,
One tongue, well,uh sometimes,but
Me and mine strugglin' just to get by
Whilst I plant my investments
Heard a friend say
Which corporation will take me?
Feed my mouth then break me?
While he could never make a large enough percentage
To actually make a dent in the bank account
Of said corporation
He still tried
Consumed and consumed
He still gon' die /broke
As this glass eat
I had a job once
Til I calculated how much I made hourly
Then imagined how many hours it would take
To make enough to buy some food
Figured it took me four hours to have
What was equal to buying one meal/one movie ticket
Got mad depressed and quit it
They said I shouldn't even act gay
Infront of the board of directors
But thats blood thats in me
My hands look like your hands
My blood pumps like yours too
With a side of heart palpitations
That I should really get checked out
For your information
This ain't rappin'
Don't be confused
I just talk this way
These beats my atmosphere
Oh your shops closing?
Well, thanks for the tea miss,
I'll get going..

Where's that truth,
You read
Disguised in you
Where's that truth
You bleed
Disguised in you


from Negative Space, released November 14, 2012
Prod. Thousand Lanterns


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground themself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With their unique gift of orchestrating words, they articulate this wisdom to their listeners, and shares their emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into their heart.
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