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Cielo (I Was A Bird)

from Negative Space by Vida Killz



I was a bird once/
Flight unlimited
Absent from what the sun had done
Fell from a tree and caught my first buzz/
Sweet bliss up in my wingspan
Hadn’t been corrupted by nightmares then
Roamed high and far for food
Still a hustle now, as it was back when/then
I could feel beauty in all things
Fight these memories/
Before pollution stole my oxygen
Eons ago when innocence was friend
I’d float all day long with some of my homies/
‘Cuz that’s all we knew
No politics/ No system
We were one
Summer made us remember our birth
So pure
Mother Nature nourished us
Supreme definition of love
Gave herself purely such that we was/
Then these humans came
They stole our homes
Tried to rape my Mother & call her their own
Some of my family died
From a liquid that stole their ocean
They tried to save ‘em but the damage was done/
Now they all watch these boxes/
What the hells up in those boxes
Got ‘em actin’ crazy/
Killin’ eachother over those boxes/
Wish I could show ‘em where I came from
My view it was abundant
Everything pieced together so perfectly
Now it’s all stale and barren
Heard ‘em try to ridicule my brain man/
Funny they say that, but I’m the one that’s peaceful
Now what’s up with your brain man?
Someone told me the world was ending/
Seems she’s just beginning

We were all birds once/
But flight has ended/ too much war/yeah/
When will they mend it/
We were all birds once/
But flight has ended /too much war/yeah/
When will we mend it

I lived on Earth once
But life has ended

Too much war, when will we end it?
Even here as a human/
They stole my home
All these corporations/
No where left to roam
And like Rome they implode
Stars and strapped with gats

Projectin’ these demons within
No enemy but self
from down here it’s hell
LGBTQ still a lesser
When will y’all learn lesson
Nothin’ means a thing 
except meaning you bring/

So why such hatred?

Youth killin’ themselves to find Heaven

Calm them voice witihin
I know those pains
Battle myself every AM
Re-examin’ my thoughts
After I did ‘em
Can’t even talk about my upbringing without crying/
But it gets better
Love thyself
Happiness comes from within
Even if these advertisements prove otherwise/
Money, that root of all evil/
Lead me from route to all evil.
Reincarnate me thru pencil
God Bless my Grandmoms

She taught me dedication
Eons ago when innocence was friend
I wrote all day long ‘cuz I had no homies
No politics & no system
We are one
Summer remind me of birth, so pure/
Moms nourished us/
Supreme definition of love
Gave herself purely such that we was
Heard ‘em try to ridicule my pen man/
Funny y’all say that/
When I’m the one that’s peaceful
Someone told me the world was ending/
Seems she’s just beginning


from Negative Space, released November 14, 2012
Produced by: Thousand Lanterns


all rights reserved



Vida Killz San Jose

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets.

Vida works to ground themself in the understanding that there are deeply innate cycles to life.

With their unique gift of orchestrating words, they articulate this wisdom to their listeners, and shares their emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into their heart.
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